Visiting Teacher Service

Visiting teachers work with children from the point of identification through to third level education to provide guidance and support to parents, teachers, and the child.  In the early stages, they inform parents on how deafness can impact on children learning language.  They also provide information on communication options and the variety of services and school placements that exist.  Visiting teachers will often liaise with these services on behalf of parents and can arrange for specialised equipment to be put in place in the classroom such as the use of a radio aid or soundfield system for the child. This can be done at both primary and second level.

At primary level the visiting teacher works with the principal and other staff to plan and put in place suitable supports for the child.  They assist with the transition from primary to post-primary and may continue to liaise with the secondary school depending on the needs of the child.  At all stages, they can provide direct tuition with special emphasis on language development.

More information is available on the Department of Education and Skills website here.

How Do I Apply:

If your child has been identified as Deaf or Hard of Hearing, you will most likely receive a referral to your visiting teacher automatically. If you haven’t, you can refer yourself by filling in a referral form along with medical reports to state that your child is deaf. You can download a form here.


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