State Examinations Arrangements

When a child is sitting their Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate examinations, it is possible for them to get reasonable accommodation during this time. This is to ensure that they have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and to get a fair mark. For Deaf and Hard of Hearing students this may include;

  • Seating the student close to the exam supervisor.
  • Extra time in examinations which is usually an extra 10 minutes per hour.
  • A spelling and grammar waiver may be given to those whose second language is English to ensure that they will not get marked down for grammar and spelling errors.
  • Exemptions from doing the oral & aural exams. However, a student may complete the aural exam by arranging for close positioning near to the tape recorder, having their own personal induction loop and stereo, or may be positioned in a separate room.

How Do I Apply?

The school will usually apply for the student for reasonable accommodation, however sometimes, schools may not be aware of these reasonable accommodations so it is worth checking with the schools in advance of examinations. If your child still has a Visiting Teacher, they can also arrange this with the school.


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