Speech and Language Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy is provided to those who have difficulties with speech, language, fluency and voice difficulties to maximise communication potential and daily living. Speech & Language Therapy is usually free of charge if carried out in the public health service, with children being given priority over adults. Speech & Language Therapy is also available in private clinics but is not free of charge. There are sometimes delays for public speech and language therapy. If you experience these delays, please contact the Deaf Education Centre to log a complaint. While we have no input in public services, we monitor delays and lobby on behalf of parents for improved services.

You can find a list of SLT’s in Ireland¬†by following this link:¬†HSE_SLT

How Do I Apply?

Your child must be referred by a GP or a public health nurse or you can contact your local health office to find out more information.


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