Special Education Needs Organisers

The Special Education Needs Organisers (SENO) role is to support parents by arranging the additional support your child may need in education. This involves identifying the needs of a child and liaising with the schools to get the resources to put it into place.

The SENO deals with various applications for the provisions of;

  • Special Needs Assistants
    Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) are assistants who support your child if they have care needs.  They do not offer teaching support.
  • Resource Teachers
    A resource teacher may be allocated if your child need additional teaching support because they may have difficulty in keeping up with the curriculum. This can be done in the same class or separately in a private room.
  • Transport
    You may be able to avail of free transport between your home and the school for your child. This is usually because a deaf child may have to attend a school which can meet the special educational needs of your child (e.g. attending a class for deaf children in a mainstream school).
  • Assistive Technology
    Grants are made available for the use of assistive technology in the classroom to support your child such as a sound field system or a radio aid.


How do I find my SENO?
On the NCSE website, there is a list of different contact details for SENOs across specific areas.


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