WAM Programme

The Willing Able Mentoring (WAM) Programme is a work placement programme only for graduates (those with a Level 6 or higher) with disabilities or specific learning disabilities. The work placements available are across a range of sectors such as IT, Business, Science, Engineering, Law and many more.

Placements typically lasts a period of 6 months and are paid placements directly from the employer. If you are on Disability Allowance or any Illness Benefits, WAM has an agreement with the Department of Social Protection that your payment may be reduced or suspended for the duration of the placement but it will be reinstated after the placement ends which means you do not need to apply for your benefit all over again.

WAM also supports you by carrying out a needs assessment. A needs assessment looks at what reasonable accommodation, if any, you may require in order to undertake the role you have been offered. For example, a sign language interpreter at the interview or for the induction training day, providing a phone loop for those who are hard of hearing etc.

To apply for a WAM placement, you must register on the database – www.ahead.ie/wamworks. Once you have registered you will be notified of placement opportunities as they arise and follow the instructions on the link provided.