Past researchers

Ms Gráinne Meehan, a MA in Community and Youth Studies student from NUI Maynooth just recently finished up her use of the visiting research facility at the Deaf Education Centre.  Gráinne is undertaking her placement with in the Deaf Village and is also engaged in a research project on the impact of the new Deaf Village Ireland on the Deaf Community.

Here is what Grainne had to say about her experience as a visiting researcher:

“My decision to carry out research on Deaf Village Ireland was in no small part influenced by the reassurance of knowing I would be supported in my research through access to the Deaf Education Centre’s resources and facilities. Amongst other resources, I was given the guaranteed use of the DEC’s facilities for any data collection needs. This, along with provision of secure research facilities where all data collected could be safely locked away and stored was extremely helpful.

The use of the Deaf Education Centre’s academic resources was an invaluable asset to me throughout the course of my research, providing me with academic materials and guidance that I otherwise would have struggled to obtain. I was consistently signposted to and given access to relevant academic research and Irish materials on d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing issues.

These supports, along with the academic supervision, advice and support of Elizabeth Mathews, lent itself to ensuring high ethical and academic standards were adhered to during the research. It is important to have such safeguards in place when undertaking a piece of research and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the facilities and support of the Deaf Education Centre and Elizabeth Mathews during the research and writing process.

Furthermore, the invitation to take part in the Deaf Education Centre’s seminar series was a timely and useful opportunity for me to present the findings of my research back to any interested parties as well as research participants and thus I felt supported from the beginning to the end process of the research.

Thanks to both Elizabeth Mathews and Alyssa Coffman for all their hard work and support and the best of luck to the Deaf Education Centre in all its future work.”

Pól Bond, psychology with NEPS used our research space in 2012.  Here’s what he had to say about it:

“I was delighted to be offered the use of the Deaf Education Centre as the first visiting researcher and was happy to have the use of the offices and the support of Elizabeth Mathews coordinator of the centre.

The centre was an excellent place for me to conduct my research in the area of Deaf/Hoh cognitive testing. I needed somewhere accessible to people but it was also very important that we had quiet and space to carry out tests and interviews. As an educational Psychologist working with parents and students I cannot emphasise the necessity for a proper place in which to work and meet as this can be a challenging experience for parents and their children. It was great to have everything I needed in terms of best practice and my own needs as a researcher.

I had the use of a parents’ room, refreshments and a spacious office in which to carry out my work. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to conduct my research without the support from the Deaf Education Centre and Elizabeth Mathews.

The Centre will become a hub for researchers in the area of Deafness/HOH as it continues its work in exploring best practice in the education and development of Deaf/Hoh students and I wish them the very best in this key area.”

Sharing the Journey are a parent support group and previous to using the research space in the Deaf Education Centre, they had worked out of their own homes.

Ann Coogan and Josephine O’Leary are both Deaf women who have recently completed a research project among Deaf women in Ireland.  They are using the support of the Deaf Education Centre to analyse their findings and produce their reports.