Getting Started with the SRP

We have trained ISL Home Tutors from all over Ireland. If you would like to get started on using the Shared Reading Programme with your family, check with your tutor to find out if they have completed training. If you don’t have a tutor yet, contact the Deaf Education Centre and we can help find a trained tutor in your area. We hold training sessions for ISL Home Tutors who are interested in bringing the Shared Reading Programme to their families. If you are an ISL Home Tutor and you are interested in attending a training session for the Shared Reading Programme you can email us at to register your interest.

If your family is interested in getting started with the Shared Reading Programme they can fill out their Shared Reading Programme Enrolment Form and email it to us on We will provide your trained tutor with a set of book packs appropriate to your child’s age group and notify them that you are ready to start. The tutor will provide you with one pack at a time (the books are stepped developmentally) and it works like a library, you borrow the pack via your tutor and return it to your tutor to receive the next book pack in the set. We provide a downloadable Parent Information Booklet with details about the Shared Reading Programme here.

It is important to remember that the Shared Reading Programme is an optional, supplemental programme. Both the family and the tutor can choose to participate, but it is not a requirement for either. To participate in the Shared Reading Programme, the ISL Home Tutor must have completed a training session with the Deaf Education Centre.

You can find our contact details here if you have any questions about getting started. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Blog section of the website here for updates on Shared Reading Programme presentations and upcoming Training sessions.

You can also read our parent testimonials page to find out what other parent’s thought of the Shared Reading Programme.