Cochlear Implants

A Cochlear Implant is a device which is surgically implanted to increase hearing for those with profound hearing losses. A lengthy assessment is carried out to see if your child is suitable for a cochlear implant. If your child is considered suitable, they will proceed with surgery and post-surgery rehabilitation. The assessment, surgery, implant and follow up is all free of charge however, hospital fees such as bed charges, travel costs and accommodation for families is not included.

All cochlear implant surgeriesĀ in Ireland are carried out by the team at Beaumont hospital.Ā  They have a website you can view here.

Deafhear have a factsheet for parents on hearing aids and cochlear implants.

How Do I Apply?

Your child must be referred by a medical or healthcare provider. The referral should include a recent audiogram, details of other assessments, types of hearing aids worn (if any) and any other additional information. Referrals must be made to Ms.Laura Viani of National Cochlear Implant Programme in Beaumont Hospital. More information can be found by visiting the Beaumount Hospital website.


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