Who are we?

The Deaf Education Centre is an initiative of the Education Partnership Group. It began in June 2011 when Dr. Elizabeth Mathews was recruited as the Centre’s coordinator.

The broad aims of the Centre are:

  • to establish a resource for parents, professionals and members of the Deaf Community where they can receive information and advice on deaf education;
  • to improve links across existing resources enabling organisations to work together;
  • to produce research on the area of deaf education and use that research to support and develop best practice.

In August 2011, the Deaf Education Centre got its first home – Fatima House on Marian Campus.  Fatima House had previously been used as a boarding house for girls attending St. Mary’s School for Deaf Girls and had also housed the Dominican Education Offices for a short time.  Extensive renovation was carried out from August 2011 until May 2012 to make the building suitable for office use.  The building now has 3 main offices, a professional resource room and a family room.

Since its inception, the Deaf Education Centre has worked on a number of major projects as well as providing ongoing advocacy work to parents and professionals.  Details on our projects can be found here.