Deaf Education in Ireland

Parents in Ireland have a range of options for schooling their Deaf or Hard of Hearing children.

  • Parents have the option of enrolling their child in the local mainstream school.  Resources are provided based on the individual needs of the child.
  • Parents might also choose a mainstream school where there is a class or resource specifically for Deaf or Hard of Hearing children.  There are a number of these around the country.  Click here for a list of all classes in mainstream schools for children with a variety of special educational needs from the National Council for Special Education website.
  • Parents have the option to send their child to a school for Deaf children.  There are schools for Deaf children in Dublin and Limerick.  All three of these schools offer education for primary and post-primary age children. For information on St. Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys in Dublin, click here.  For information on St. Mary’s School for Deaf Girls in Dublin, click here.  for information on the Midwest School for Hearing Impaired Children in Limerick, click here.
  • For parents of children who are Deaf and have additional disabilities, they may choose to enrol their child in a school or class for children with a disability other than deafness.  Information on all classes for children with special educational needs is here and information on special schools is here.